Blood Tale is a dark, stealth-based horror game. Uncover the truth about a mysterious disappearance in an abandoned house.

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Blood Tale

Uncover the truth in this dark, stealth based, first-person horror game. Navigate your way through the house to uncover the truth about a mysterious disappearance. But beware, you are not alone.

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  • Intuitive interaction and storytelling system.
  • Engaging environment with puzzles and mysteries to solve around.
  • Stealth mechanics to defend yourself from what lurks.


  • Platform: Windows PC
  • Release Date: July 2018
  • Status: Development
  • Engine: Unreal Engine 4


Bumper Bears is a couch multiplayer game with bears in bumper karts trying to survive among themselves. Challenge your friends and see who becomes the cutest survivor in the ring of ice.

Bumper Bears is a finalist for Play By Play, New Zealand's international games festival!


  • Four player splitscreen multiplayer fun.
  • Bumper kart style controls controller support.
  • Bear-blowing cartoony physics.


  • Platform: Windows PC
  • Release Date: To Be Announced
  • Status: Development
  • Engine: Unity3D


Afterglow is a graduate game development studio based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Juan Rodríguez

Programmer, PR & Game Designer

Juan is our lead Unity programmer and focuses on UI/UX. He loves hiking, languages and is a former web developer.

Mitch Currie

Programmer & Game Designer

Mitch is our specialist gameplay and AI programmer. He enjoys snowboarding and is a former Chartered Accountant.

Merlyn Darmawan

3D/2D Artist & Game Designer

Merlyn is our jack-of-all-trades artist, excelling in UI and concept art. She fancies eggs, sweets, doodling and sleeping.

Cameron Peet

Programmer & Game Designer

Cameron is our lead Unreal programmer and has great expertise with game engines. He likes playing guitar and dabbling in art.

Caitlin Kilmister

Stylised Texture, Prop & Concept Artist

Caitlin is our core stylised artist. She shines at making awesome props and textures and loves Japanese culture, Shiba Inu and snacks.


Play By Play 2018 Finalists —

Student-made game, Bumper Bears, announced as Play by Play finalist — article

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